Body Code

Body Code is a boutique gym located in Miami, FL. When I spoke, he wanted to a new website because the company was re-branding from a regular gym, to a boutique gym. While making the site I made sure to highlight their state of the art workout, HIIT+. The HIIT workout aims to push your heart rate through progressive resistance to ensure that your body loses fat and gains muscle. The owner was happy with the turnout and the fast turnaround time.


Frako Concrete Industries

Frako Concrete Industries was my first customer and second website. This was before I started using WordPress, so this site was made with HTML,CSS, Boostrap, and Javascript.My client wanted something simple so I went with a simple landing page layout. 

After finishing this project the client wanted to add a concrete calculator, something I didn’t know how to build at this point. I decided to take on the challenge because of the extra money. I decided separate the calculator in two sections. One for slabs and one for footings. It was really challenging because I had to display different views depending on what the on slabs and footing and I had very little javascript. After a couple of hours I got it to work. The client was happy and I was happy because I learned a lot and I got paid.