Easy Claps

Easy Claps is a design system that was born out of sheer curiosity for design, functional css and design systems. The design system features common components to faciliate the process of making web apps. The project is currently under consctruction. In the meantime you can look at the nice Adobe XD mock up above.

Geo Scheduler

Winner of the HatterHacks hackathon, Geo scheduler is a web/mobile app that allows employees to clock in and out via geo location in realtime. As . fron-end developer I was in charge of creating the web-app for Geo Location. My responsibilities included creating forms for adding/editing employees, adding/editing schedules and interpreting data such as timestamps and the geolocation to give users useful information. I also contributed to the back end by creating user schemas and debugging end-points.


ShellHacks is the largest hackathon in Florida with over 700 attendees in 2018 and with expected 1000 attendees this year. As fullstack developer I implemented key features in the backend such as user authentication and forgot password functionality. I also front-end lead I made sure that my team created reusable components in React and implemented modular and organized styles. This has lead a mobile responsive site that is easily editable and scalable web app.

Simple Biz

An ongoing project, Simple Biz is a web application that will allow small business owners to keep track of their employee schedules. Simple Biz will also allow employees log in to their account, view their info and request schedule changes.

As Team leader for this project, I am in charge of leading a team of aspiring web developers in building this application. My responsibilities include teaching HTML,CSS responsive design,Bootstrap, React, GraphQL , and Apollo client/server. Furthermore, I built an authentication system with Graphql, Apollo and created cohesive user models with mongoose.

Open Menu

Open Web Menu is a web application that Allows you to create, manage and share menus and items with others. As part of the front end development team, My responsibilities included implementing state management with Redux, creating reusable components with React and ensuring the UI/UX is responsive and appealing.


Shellhacks Mobile

Shellhacks mobile is an app that allows attendants of the 2018 Shellhacks hackathon to view the event schedule, upcoming workshops and receive updates when an event time has changed. The front end of the app is written in React Native and the backend uses firebase to authorize users and send push notifications when an event is changed or cancelled.