Easy Claps

Easy Claps is a design system that was born out of sheer curiosity for design, functional css and design systems. The design system features common components to faciliate the process of making web apps. The project is currently under consctruction. In the meantime you can look at the nice Adobe XD mock up above.

Geo Scheduler

Winner of the HatterHacks hackathon, Geo scheduler is a web/mobile app that allows employees to clock in and out via geo location in realtime. As . fron-end developer I was in charge of creating the web-app for Geo Location. My responsibilities included creating forms for adding/editing employees, adding/editing schedules and interpreting data such as timestamps and the geolocation to give users useful information. I also contributed to the back end by creating user schemas and debugging end-points.


ShellHacks is the largest hackathon in Florida with over 700 attendees in 2018 and with expected 1000 attendees this year. As fullstack developer I implemented key features in the backend such as user authentication and forgot password functionality. I also front-end lead I made sure that my team created reusable components in React and implemented modular and organized styles. This has lead a mobile responsive site that is easily editable and scalable web app.

Simple Biz

An ongoing project, Simple Biz is a web application that will allow small business owners to keep track of their employee schedules. Simple Biz will also allow employees log in to their account, view their info and request schedule changes.

As Team leader for this project, I am in charge of leading a team of aspiring web developers in building this application. My responsibilities include teaching HTML,CSS responsive design,Bootstrap, React, GraphQL , and Apollo client/server. Furthermore, I built an authentication system with Graphql, Apollo and created cohesive user models with mongoose.

Open Menu

Open Web Menu is a web application that Allows you to create, manage and share menus and items with others. As part of the front end development team, My responsibilities included implementing state management with Redux, creating reusable components with React and ensuring the UI/UX is responsive and appealing.


Shellhacks Mobile

Shellhacks mobile is an app that allows attendants of the 2018 Shellhacks hackathon to view the event schedule, upcoming workshops and receive updates when an event time has changed. The front end of the app is written in React Native and the backend uses firebase to authorize users and send push notifications when an event is changed or cancelled.

Veloce Yacht

The Challenge

When the captain of Veloce Yacht contacted me he already had a website to promote Veloce, a 101ft yacht that was put up for charter (rental on an hourly or daily rate). The problem with his current website is that he did not feel the current site captured the boat’s beauty and would lead prospects to charter other vessels instead of Veloce.

I was tasked with re-designing the current website to get Veloce out of the marina and out at sea. For this particular project I decided to go with a simple and clean design that highlighted Veloce’s best features through the use of images and CTA’s (call to actions). Overall, the captain of Veloce was happy with how the site turned out and even got a couple charters within a few days of the site going live.


Miami Headshot Photos

This is a project that I did while working at under contract at GlueGo, a small marketing and photography company. For this particular project I was tasked to create a site for a new service GlueGo was trying out, Mobile Headshot Bars. Mobile headshot bars are basically mobile photography studios that can be set up in a 8 X 8 space. They are great for business conferences and for individuals that want the benefit of having a photographer come to them.

Miami Headshot Photos was probably one of my biggest projects, for it required me to not only develop the website, but also create a variety of banners, edit several images and write an extensive amount of SEO friendly content. The most difficult part was getting all of this to fit into a landing page without losing potential customers. Overall, the project turned out very well and my boss was happy with how user friendly the website came out.

Le Peninsula

Lepeninsula.com is a website for a fictional hotel of the same name. The website was made for the Phi Beta Lambda 2013 Web Design competition. It was my first time entering a web design competition and my first time building a website. To top it all off, first and second place winners would get to go to California for finals. I really wanted to go to California, so spent countless hours on the concept, writing and building the whole site out from scratch (no templates were allowed). Fortunately, my hard work paid off, for I got 1st place in the state of Florida and got to go to California to compete at nationals. Competition was fierce in Californa, but I managed to get 3rd place in the U.S. Not bad at all for my first website J

The funny thing about lepenisula.com is that it’s probably the worst site I’ve made (I mean, it was my first). However, it sparked my passion for web development and programming, so I keep it here on my portfolio to remind me of how far I’ve come.


Gluego.com is a website that I made while I was working under contract for GlueGo. GlueGo is a company with many child companies that offer event activation, photography, video and marketing services. This website was a behemoth of a project because it required me to build a site around four standalone services. All these services required their individual copyright and media but needed to keep a consistent theme across the site. This aspect proved to be tough and the hardest challenge about building Gluego.com.

After a lot of brainstorming, I decided to build the front page around their main service, which is marketing activations, with links to their other services in the main carousel. For their other services, I decided to distribute them into pages that can be used as standalone landing pages or pages in the main site. This technique draws a clear line between services without deviating from the overall theme. The result is a beautiful and effective website for a parent company.