Le Peninsula

Lepeninsula.com is a website for a fictional hotel of the same name. The website was made for the Phi Beta Lambda 2013 Web Design competition. It was my first time entering a web design competition and my first time building a website. To top it all off, first and second place winners would get to go to California for finals. I really wanted to go to California, so spent countless hours on the concept, writing and building the whole site out from scratch (no templates were allowed). Fortunately, my hard work paid off, for I got 1st place in the state of Florida and got to go to California to compete at nationals. Competition was fierce in Californa, but I managed to get 3rd place in the U.S. Not bad at all for my first website J

The funny thing about lepenisula.com is that it’s probably the worst site I’ve made (I mean, it was my first). However, it sparked my passion for web development and programming, so I keep it here on my portfolio to remind me of how far I’ve come.

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