GlueGo is a website that I made while I was working under contract for GlueGo. GlueGo is a company with many child companies that offer event activation, photography, video and marketing services. This website was a behemoth of a project because it required me to build a site around four standalone services. All these services required their individual copyright and media but needed to keep a consistent theme across the site. This aspect proved to be tough and the hardest challenge about building

After a lot of brainstorming, I decided to build the front page around their main service, which is marketing activations, with links to their other services in the main carousel. For their other services, I decided to distribute them into pages that can be used as standalone landing pages or pages in the main site. This technique draws a clear line between services without deviating from the overall theme. The result is a beautiful and effective website for a parent company.

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